Famed Sports Show Host Slams Democrats (VIDEO)

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a rant that millions of Americans will agree with, famed sports show host Stephen A. Smith slammed Democrats for taking care of illegal aliens while ignoring the needs of millions of Americans who are getting crushed by Democrat policies.

See the video below.

During his podcast, Smith blasted the new $53 million program by Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams designed to provide illegal alien families with prepaid taxpayer-funded credit cards.

Smith expressed his frustration, noting the everyday sight of homeless American citizens in New York and California. “I see homeless folks in the streets of New York all the time that are American citizens,” he said, questioning how funds could be allocated to illegal immigrants when native-born and legal residents are in dire need.

“How in the hell do we come up with a $53 million pilot program for illegals but folks who are here legally or born here—we don’t have enough for them?”

He also criticized the financial aid sent to foreign countries like Israel and Ukraine, stressing that it should not come at the expense of helping Americans in need. “What about poor and desolate citizens here?” Smith asked, challenging the rationale behind spending on foreign aid while neglecting Americans suffering in poverty.

For Smith, the solution to homelessness and poverty is clear, policy changes that stimulate economic growth and control inflation. He argued against the high cost of living, pointing out the absurdity of soaring prices for basic necessities like milk, bread, and sugar. “You can’t have inflation. You can’t be on the verge of a recession.”