Hunger Strike Threatened

( – A group of leftist student activists, this time at Yale University, is threatening to start a hunger strike unless the university decides to stop investing in Israel by this Friday.

Hunger Strikers for Palestine (HPS) as they named themselves, wrote to Yale President Peter Salovey two days ago they have “witnessed th[e] ongoing [Palestinian] genocide from the comforts of not only of the heart of the empire that is funding the military conquest and colonization of Palestine …”

Their letter voiced disappointment with previous attempts to get heard, which pushed Salovey to announce by April 12 a “public statement” pledging that Yale will withdraw its investments from any arms manufacturers that aid Israel’s military actions against Palestine.

HSP pointed out that the initial 60 days of Israel’s response to Hamas’ surprise attack on October 7 produced more greenhouse gas emissions than what 20 different countries released in a year.

Moreover, these strikers argued that Yale’s pledge to create a campus safe from gun violence should also encompass Palestine, which criticized Israel’s military for causing undeniable damage to society and severe harm.

They stated that if Salovey ignores their demands, the twelve members of HSP are prepared to jeopardize their health. Yet, they recognized that their sacrifice was minimal compared to the plight faced by those in Gaza.

The Yale Daily News reported that student organizations like Graduate Students for Palestine on Instagram, Yalies4Palestine, and Law Students for Justice in Palestine are spreading the word about this letter via social media.

This incident at Yale is part of a growing trend of progressive, anti-Israel student activists using hunger strikes as a method of solidarity with Palestinians.

Earlier in the year, Brown University’s Brown Divest Coalition shared updates on its hunger strike on social platforms.

Dartmouth students followed, describing their strike as a desperate measure after enduring months of what they perceived as apathetic and harsh responses from their school’s administration.

Most recently, hunger strikers at the University of South Florida accused their institution of compelling them the option to starve themselves to get their voices heard regarding their demands.

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