Hunter’s Lawyer Caught Doing WHAT?!

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( – In a striking revelation that hints at a broader collusion scheme, it has been unveiled that Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe D. Lowell, made a visit to the White House just before Hunter chose not to comply with a congressional subpoena.

This turn of events happened on December 11, as shown by White House visitor logs, which were initially brought to light by the New York Post.

These logs show that Lowell attended an East Wing event alongside around 800 others and met with Anthony Bernal, a senior advisor to Jill Biden, the same day.

The White House claimed that Lowell was there for a Hanukkah reception and said that a duplicate entry for Lowell happened because he resubmitted an entry form for the event.

Following this, Hunter positioned himself outside the Capitol, opting to publicly support his father instead of appearing for a private congressional deposition as ordered.

This defiance came right before the House Republicans started a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden for his involvement in his son’s overseas business activities.

Amid these developments, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre disclosed that Joe was briefed on the statement his son would deliver at the press conference.

This revelation, coupled with reports from Politico that Hunter had informed his father of his intentions, raises questions about potential coordination between Hunter’s representatives and the White House.

The backdrop to these events includes an investigation by House Republicans into Bernal’s handling of classified materials. Additionally, Joe’s mishandling of classified documents after his vice presidency suggests he might have knowingly retained them.

When Hunter Biden eventually provided closed-door testimony in February under a new subpoena, he claimed his father had no knowledge of his foreign business ventures.

However, he acknowledged that Joe had met with his business partners and talked to them over speakerphone.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said he was curious about the timing of Lowell’s White House visit and Hunter’s subsequent refusal to comply with the deposition subpoenas.

Comer has called on the White House for explanations regarding any possible attempts by Joe to influence or obstruct the investigation into his son’s compliance with these subpoenas, a request the White House has yet to fulfill.

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