NEW: Court Upholds Abortion Limits

( – Ratifying that red states are fighting to protect life as long as they can, Florida’s highest court recently declared that the state constitution does not explicitly safeguard the right to abortion and will uphold a 15-week ban on the procedure.

This ruling clarifies a provision in the state’s constitution regarding privacy rights, which voters added in 1980 while pro-choice advocates have cited this provision to argue for protected access to abortion.

While this ruling primarily addressed the 15-week ban enacted in 2022, it also affected a stricter six-week ban signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in April 2023. Given the legal similarities between the two cases, the latter bill joined on the court’s approval of the 15-week ban.

In another decision related to abortion, the court ruled that a proposed amendment to include the right to abortion in the state constitution explicitly may be on this November’s ballot.

The amendment, if passed, would ensure that laws do not delay abortion access before viability or when deemed necessary by a healthcare provider. A 60 % supermajority is required for the amendment to be added.

Furthermore, the court also ruled that a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in the state may also appear on Election Day.

In contrast, Governor DeSantis expressed concerns about the potential strong odor of smoke if the measure passes.

“I’ve gone to some of these cities that have had this everywhere, it smells, there’s all these things,” he said. “I don’t want to be able to go walk in front of shops and have this. I don’t want every hotel to really smell.”

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