NOW: China Attacking US Military

( – China, known for its communist government, again poses a significant threat to the United States. This threat comes as a trap, as Chinese hackers have reportedly placed malicious software, or malware, in the vital computer systems supporting U.S. military bases abroad.

According to reports, the Biden administration is actively searching for this Chinese-originated malware within U.S. military computer systems. This search began after Microsoft discovered such hacking tools embedded within the U.S.’s own infrastructure, affecting areas like Guam and other locations housing U.S. military installations, says The New York Times.

The New York Times report includes statements from anonymous U.S. intelligence, military, and national security officials. These officials suggest that Microsoft’s discoveries might be a part of a large-scale operation orchestrated by China.

They express the dire situation by referring to it as a “ticking time bomb.” The officials claim that China has secretly inserted malicious code that could severely hamper U.S. military actions during any future hostilities between the two nations. This could have significant implications for situations like a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan, a country informally allied with the U.S.

“China’s efforts to infect important networks are far more extensive than the experts realized at first,” states the New York Times.

The networks potentially compromised by the Chinese malware not only link to civilian systems but also oversee vital utilities. These include communication systems, power grids, and water supplies, all used by the U.S. military.

Microsoft has determined that a cybercrime group, Volt Typhoon, is responsible for the hacking attack on U.S. facilities in Guam. This group’s malware is particularly insidious because it can remain undetected for extended periods.

Data collected so far suggest increased network breaches in areas housing U.S. military bases, according to the news report. The Biden administration is working hard to determine if China intends to disrupt U.S. military operations during a potential conflict or to more widely impact civilian life.

The search for this malicious Chinese code has been ongoing for at least a year, with the White House holding meetings in the Situation Room with military, intelligence, and homeland security officials to develop a response strategy.

Congress members and industry leaders have also been briefed about the threat posed by this Chinese malware.

The report concludes by stating that China’s new operation doesn’t follow the pattern of known hacking attacks conducted between the two nations, which suggests a shift in tactics. This situation prompted a senior Biden adviser to question: “[This] raises the question of what, exactly, they are preparing for.”