Senator’s Wild Spree Exposed

( – Luxuries, excessive expenses, and a lot of unnecessary money waste are what got this independent senator in the headlines of many news sites, and the worst part is, it’s not the first time she’s in the public eye for such acts.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona has been spending big, and not just on typical campaign stuff, this time frivolity got the best of her, and people are wondering now what’s next for this Ex-Democrat, now independent, who walked out of the party in 2022.

The New York Post pointed out she’s dropped a whopping $796,565 recently. What on? A mix of luxury hotels, a new car, beefing up security, and even some concert tickets.

Turns out, she’s spending more cash than she’s bringing in. Her campaign only managed to rake in $594,816 from October to the end of 2023. But they did get a little help, an extra $170,344, from the Sinema Leadership Fund.

Here’s where the money went: $77,000 on a Chevrolet for security, $1,523 for concert tickets for her security folks, and $3,028 on renting cars in places like Paris and London. This isn’t the first time she’s made headlines for buying a pricey Chevy for security.

Now, with her Senate seat up for grabs, it’s getting crowded. Democrat Ruben Gallego and Republican Kari Lake are both eyeing it, making the race super tight. Polls by FiveThirtyEight show it’s anybody’s game.

After leaving the Democratic Party, Sinema’s been quiet about whether she’s running again. Everyone’s watching her next move, especially with all the buzz about her campaign spending.