‘Take Our Border Back’

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In the face of the worst migrant crisis ever faced in the U.S. due to Joe Biden’s lax policies, loads of Americans worried about border security came together in a convoy for a movement called “Take Our Border Back.”

Anxious citizens gathered at a ranch in Quemado, Texas, near Eagle Pass where a lot of unauthorized border crossings happen. This area has been a focus for the Texas National Guard and local law enforcement after taking over from the federal Border Patrol team.

According to the local sheriff’s office the convoy marked the start of their rally and was packed with big rigs and around 300 cars that rolled into the ranch. The event kicked off with Christian tunes as everyone settled in while some decided to camp out on the 10-acre land close to the Rio Grande River.

Ranch manager Anson Bills shared that the gathering aimed to be a peaceful weekend filled with prayer to push for a tightly secured border and back the local law enforcement officers dealing with the border situation. The crowd was greeted warmly with folks waving flags and selling gear right at the entrance.

This rally was but one of the many stops. The convoy also split up and headed to San Ysidro, California and Yuma, Arizona, as part of their mission.

Republican Congressman Keith Self from Texas also made an appearance right after supporting Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other governors in Eagle Pass for their efforts to tighten up the southern border’s security.

The timing of this rally is interesting due to the ongoing tiff between the Biden administration and Governor Abbott over Shelby Park in Eagle Pass. Texas refused to back down when it was mandated to let Border Patrol take back and continued to fortify the area to prevent illegal crossings instead.

Texas’ actions reflect the challenge the U.S. faces with an all-time high number of illegal entries that hit over 10 million since Joe Biden was sworn in. Big cities like New York and Chicago also feel the pressure as they scramble to accommodate and support the influx of migrants.