These Two Men Scare Both Parties

( – Is this the beginning of the end of our two-party system? Both Democrats and Republicans are concerned as many voters seem to be favoring independent candidates due to dissatisfaction with the traditional two parties.

Recently, well-known figures Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West declared their change to independent status. Their decisions show how some politicians are trying to use voter unhappiness with the main parties. This could be a big challenge for the potential leading presidential candidates next year, namely Biden and former President Trump.

Kennedy has been very vocal about his shift. After trying for a long time to gain support within the Democratic Party against Biden, he chose to become an independent. He has even attracted attention from conservatives for some of his views, especially those critical of the established political system.

Sawyer Hackett, an advisor to Julián Castro, noted, “He’s got higher approval ratings among Republicans than some of the candidates that are on the Republican stage running for president.” Hackett explained that many conservative platforms supported Kennedy in an attempt to undermine Biden. This strategy has grown Kennedy’s support among Republicans.

Kennedy’s speech included ideas from the Democratic Party but also contained aspects resembling Trump’s messaging. In Philadelphia, he portrayed an image of a modern independent candidate, mentioning the need to move away from simply choosing sides based on party loyalty. He said, “The right and the left are all mixed up anyhow.”

Even though Kennedy has been leaning towards the right, he has also tried to appeal to liberals unhappy with the current administration. For example, he joined striking workers in Michigan. Initially, both major parties didn’t consider him a significant threat. However, his change to an independent has caused concern about his potential influence on the next election.

ActBlue, a Democratic fundraising platform, used Kennedy’s announcement to raise funds against him. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee quickly listed reasons to oppose him, including the fact that he voted for Biden in 2020.

Apart from Kennedy, West also shifted from the Green Party to an independent. His connection to other parties has given Democrats mixed feelings. Some fear he could help Trump indirectly, while others admire his commitment to liberal values. Hackett expressed concerns about West’s impact on the election and whether he might indirectly support Trump’s potential victory.

West may not be as famous as Kennedy, but his campaign could have an impact, especially with working-class voters. Both he and Kennedy have criticized the Democratic National Committee. Looking ahead to 2024, the committee upset members by declining to hold debates and changing the primary schedule.