VIDEO: Biden Becomes Incoherent; Staff Intervenes

Joe Biden Speaking in Vietnam

( – BREAKING VIDEO: While conducting a press conference in Vietnam, Joe Biden became so incoherent and stumbling in his remarks that his press secretary suddenly grabbed a microphone off-camera and ended the news conference.

You can watch a video of what took place further down this post:

What took place was so bad that even CNN is acknowledging Biden’s incapacity.

In its report headlined “White House press secretary ends news conference as Biden is still responding to questions from reporters,” CNN writes:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Sunday abruptly ended a news conference with President Joe Biden in Hanoi, Vietnam, at one point taking a microphone and announcing the event had concluded even as the president was still answering questions from reporters in the room.

“As the president was responding to shouted questions from the press, Jean-Pierre took to the microphone to announce, ‘Thank you everybody – this ends the press conference.’ Biden remained on stage briefly following her announcement, responding to one additional question, though his full answer was inaudible.” [emphasis added]

Here is the video: